Wetroom design

What is a wetroom?

It seems that most people think that a wetroom is simply a shower room minus the shower enclosure – and thus it is consequently a room where everything gets wringing wet.

Our theory is that the above is true – i.e if all you do is to omit the shower enclosure then you probably will get a wetroom – but – if the correct techniques are applied then it becomes an ‘open shower’ that affords you the luxury of endless showering space but without the loo roll and everything else being reduced to a soggy mess.

A wetroom, or to use our preferred term ‘open shower’ needs careful planning but, if you get it right, it will be a delight to use and an absolute doddle to maintain and clean.

When we plan an open shower we look first at where the shower needs to be if we are to minimise the potential for any problems that might be caused by overspray.

The biggest complaint about wetrooms is that after the shower has been used the next person can’t use the loo without paddling! This is what happens when the designers brain is somewhere else when he is drawing up his plans and, whilst it can usually be eliminated as a problem, it can’t often be done afterwards – the solution needs to be built into the design.

Our philosophy on open showers is based on retaining what was the original aim of a ‘wetroom’ but with a more pragmatic approach that makes for a much more functional and practical solution – even if it means introducing small glass screens to keep towels dry or protect the route to the ‘loo’.

Our bespoke glassware is invaluable in this respect. We have seal and silicone sealant free glassware that can add just enough protection without creating complicated glassware that is a chore to clean!

Browse our gallery to see the sort of open showers we offer – each one has been designed to suit a particular application and, whilst some of them might not measure up as ‘totally glassless wetrooms’, they are all actual installations that really work and they have been installed for clients that have no problem with us using the pix on our website. 

So remember – ‘OPEN SHOWER’ – not ‘WETROOM’!!