Our Bespoke Glassware

Bespoke Shower GlasswareJust as the frustrations of planning with modular furniture spawned our joinery manufacturing facility our frustrations with ‘off the peg’ shower enclosures and bath screens has resulted in us launching our own range of Ablutions glass products – some of which are unique!

For example we make an infolding bath shower screen that ‘parks’ unobtrusively flat back to the wall and allows the bather to be unhindered by the intrusiveness of a steamed up screen that can easily introduce claustrophobia when it towers over you whilst having a ‘soak’.

We have introduced also a range of screens and enclosures with minimal seals and silicone and these  not only revolutionise cleaning but they also aid ventilation and thus reduce the risk of blackened tile grout.

Most of our enclosures are just 1500mm high!


Because nothing much in a shower splashes any higher than 1500mm so anything taller (a) reduces the perception of space and (b) wastes glass!

(Having now read this you will no doubt test the correctness of it when next you shower – most people do!)

We also offer glass shower walls in a huge range of colours – both plain and metallised. This is the way to totally eliminate grout and create wow factor on a massive scale.