Our Showroom

Ablutions ShowroomsCome and see us – our showroom is quite small but we believe it packs a real punch. Not for us an aircraft hanger with dozens of vaguely similar suites on display – we have built our showroom to show our craft – and we believe it does it very well.

You will see examples of all our furniture ranges – i.e both matt and high gloss vinyl, handpainted and furniture handmade in solid oak and ash.

You will see laminate vanity tops, tiled vanity tops, limestone vanity tops, Corian vanity tops and granite vanity tops,

You will see how a lowered bath can revolutionise both the form and the function of a bathroom.

You will see how we cleverly construct a seal and silicone free shower enclosure.

You will see coloured glass shower walls.

You will see working digital showers and bath fillers.

You will see our tiled plinth system that means you would need more than 8 inches of water in your bathroom before the furniture gets wet. (not a problem if they are all at Uni. now!!)

You will see how we can create really odd shaped glass to suit awkward old buildings.

You will see a shower floor in river pebbles.

You will see LED lighting creatively designed and installed.

You will see the sheer sense of a bath screen that you can ‘get rid of’ by folding it flat back to the wall.

You will see loos fitted all at different heights and test the benefit of a higher loo if your knees are a bit creaky!

You will find out that backache can be a thing of the past if you choose the correct basin height.

You will see grab rails that don’t look as if they have been recycled from the NHS

You will see how to retain the looks of an expensive freestanding bath withoutcreating a horrible, uncleanable area that will inevitably end up as a haven for dust, fluff, spiders and toilet roll inners!

You will see how an en-suite can be painlessly added to an existing bedroom.

(you will be amazed also just how small an en-suite can be if it is planned intelligently)

You will see all this and more – our showroom is open 10 until 5 weekdays, 10 until 3 Saturdays and closed Sundays.