We are passionate about design and pride ourselves on being able to find the design solutions that might evade more conventional bathroom suppliers.

The process begins as soon as we have an accurate survey of the room and a detailed brief from our client. We then ensure that a design is produced that satisfies certain set criteria as regards function but, and equally as important, we add the flair and imagination that is necessary to create some real “wow factor”.

Our design skills have been acknowledged with more than one Design Award and we have had our work featured in the national press.

It is often the seemingly insignificant design points that can make all the difference so our designers have a checklist such that all the right questions are asked about every single design we create.

The result is that every single Ablutions design can be fully rationalised as being the ultimate solution in response to the brief we were given – with form and function being innovatively blended to achieve something that is really special.