About Us

About UsWe are a family business that was established as Kitchen Style in 1978 to specialise in high quality German kitchens. Very soon however satisfied kitchen clients began to ask us if we could bring about a similar transformation in their bathroom and, by the nineties, our output on bathrooms had drawn level with our output on kitchens.

By then we had progressed from German kitchens to our own bespoke kitchens that we manufactured ‘in-house’. It was our manufacturing facility that revolutionised our bathrooms as, with the total control that it gave us, longer was our inventiveness frustrated by the need to rely on modular units.

With our own workshops our bathroom designs were limited only by the extent of our own imagination and thus it didn’t take long for our bathroom production to increase to the point where bathrooms were the dominant force in our output

Having acknowledged this it was time for a decision and thus, in April 2005, we decided to change the company name to Ablutions Luxury Bathrooms.

Stuart & Rita Irving